Kate and I did a little wreath DIY to share with you all-tis’ the season!!

This is a pretty standard with tutorial, but you could always mix it up and get creative by building your own base with branches, or purchasing a grape-vine pre-made wreath to add onto. The world is your wreathin oyster :)



  • I like to start by grabbing + attaching a pretty good chunk of greenery

  • Simply take your first bundle, and slip the end/stems of that bundle between the center of the wreath base

  • Take your paddle wire and wrap it around that section and the entire wreath base, pulling it taut as you go around a few times

  • Keep layering + adding greens and wrapping the wire around in the same direction as if you were sewing :)

  • At the end, you could always use small pieces of wire to tighten any wild pieces of green to your wreath or reel anything else in

  • Simply pull in said piece, cut a small piece of wire and twisty-tie it onto another piece of the wreath base

  • Add your ribbon and you’re all set!