I had a few ideas spinning around in my head.

Mainly related to some roadside pretty I kept driving by, and the pile of ferns drying in my studio. Oh, and my sassy chicken’s eggs.

I wanted to create a shoot around these things-something with warm hues, modern touches and soft transitions.

Autumn has got to be one of my favorite times of the year-that transition from Summer into Fall always gets me. Kind of like the first signs of Spring after a Winter.

Anyway, this shoot feels that way to me-hopefully you find those hints of Fall here too :) The whole thing is featured today on Green Wedding Shoes!!

Major thanks to my super sweet and talented friends for helping with this vision:

+ PHOTOGRAPHY- Trynh Photography

+ HMU- 1011 makeup

+ RENTALS- Witty Rentals

+ TABLETOP-Collected from our studio ;)

+ WARDROBE- Jen’s Pirate Booty + Free People